What Is

a Waste Management

A waste management plan is defining a predetermined method of
salvage, recycling, and disposal of materials a company has identified
it will generate from its construction project, manufacturing process,
building and facility operation, retail establishment, transportation
operation, refining operation, mining operation or any other
operation that generates waste of any kind.



Why do I need

a waste management plan?

A waste management plan helps a company, its employees, its vendors, its suppliers and its subcontractors, adhere to a defined company policy on the methods, treatment and final disposition of materials such as organics like food waste and wood, inert materials like concrete and bricks, commodities like metals and cardboard and hazardous materials like chemicals and asbestos.

Your waste management plan defines how, what, who will be handled your materials and where they will end up. A waste management plan can be as simple as setting up a plan to deal with food waste from your cafeteria, to how do deal with waste streams from your manufacturing process. A waste management plan helps identify waste streams, determine its method of handling and its final disposition, whether it be composted, sold to a recycler or taken to a landfill.


How companies make money

managing their waste!

As more and more secondary markets are opened and new processes are developed for gathering and converting materials into reusable forms, waste is now a commodity that has, in some areas, tremendous value and opportunity, and it’s only going up from here.

A company that can identify its waste streams and the quantities of each material and implement even the slightest from of recovery on site to separate these materials, now has the ability to negotiate better contracts with waste haulers, get paid for their materials from recyclers and manufacturers, or even reintroduce the excess waste back into their production pipeline bringing down their cost of goods sold. These are just but a few reasons having a waste management plan in place can help turn your trash into cash.



How do I get started!

Creating a waste management plan is easy. You can start with a plan to set up different waste receptacles throughout your office, campus or facility, designed to separate and gather individual materials.

Example: Set up three different bins in your office, one for trash, one for plastic bottles, one for cans and maybe even a fourth or fifth for cardboard and paper. Start with as few or as many you feel comfortable with. You can buy these trash cans in different colors or color code them yourself for specific materials.

Put up a sign that says “Recycling Center” and then write out what each can is for and what materials you can put in it, then describe why this is important to your company and what you will do with the materials once they have been accumulated.

Then create a document or “waste management plan” that’s called “Office Waste” and outline exactly what we described above in the example. You’ve now just made your first waste management plan.

Apply this to other areas and use the same process, whether it be a construction site or a school the same process will apply.

Receptacles can be ordered from www.rubbermaid.com and for more advanced users tracking software such as www.GreenHaloSystems.com can help with this process and track all your waste streams from multiple locations and processes around the world.


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